Usage-based and innovative billing models

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We use Industry 4.0 and IoT to read out the usage data of your capital equipment and services. Using our know-how and expertise in settlement of financial and IT-services, we aggregate and prepare the data. Accounting data and figures are provided to you through fully automated interfaces.

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Pay per unit

Pay per unit

Pay for your industrial machine, on the basis of units produced

The utilization of an industrial machine is directly related to supply and demand. The fluctuating utilization rate leads to negative economic consequences. So that you can fully concentrate on your core business, we have developed pay per use 4.0. You pay your lease rate based on units produced. With our reporting you can identify trends in the utilization and production in order to make early stage entrepreneurial decisions.

Pay per operating hours

Pay per operating hours

Pay your forklift when you use it

In the production of an industrial enterprise, a forklift is essential. In order to avoid the high initial investments, forklifts will be leased to a large extent. In such a leasing model, an accurate source-related cost center accounting is not possible. With pay per operating hours you pay for your forklift only if you use it. The single operating hour can therefore be precisely charged to the individual cost centers.

Pay per cup

Pay per cup

Pay for your coffee machine per sold cup

A modern coffee machine is an essential part of the catering industry. This carries high investment costs and operating costs. In order to minimize the initial investment, many of the coffee machines are leased at a fixed rental rate. This creates rigid and use independent rental rates which do not consider the current business developments. With Pay per use 4.0 lease payments are only calculated from the actually consumed coffee units.

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Know-how, expertise and solutions – Pay per use 4.0

Billing data

Key figures and billing data are made available automatically via interfaces The consumption data of your goods and services are read out by us, aggregated and prepared according to your individual requirements.


Identify trends and make key business decisions accurately and easily – with our comprehensive reporting, we provide tailor-made tools for a transparent controlling.


We support you at any time and at any point in your process chain. This we enable, through our many years of expertise in the financial services sector, billing and our strong partner network.

SE.M.LABS is more than a software as a service provider for
"pay per use 4.0"
models. With their broad partner network and over ten years of expertise in the financial industry, they offer a full service range in the area of consumption-based financing and insurance models.

The software forms the link between capital equipment and the billing of the financial service. By universal interfaces different equipment and systems can be interconnected. With their software their customers can reduce their internal expenditures to a minimum and concentrate on their core business. Through their solution, they enable their customers to enter new markets such as pay per use financing models, Share-Economy and telemetry-driven business models.